Meet Our Family

Like every family, we all make a difference in many unique ways…

… from a hug to celebrate a grandbaby

… to the best birthday cake

… to helping others in a time of need

… because love knows no limits.

Letha Basford
Executive Director

Letha is the Administrator of Lakeside Senior Living. She has worked at Lakeside since July 2011. She brings over 30 years background and experience in human resources, social services, and management. She is a graduate of Bethel College/University and has a SSCBT Credential from TSU in Nashville. Letha and her family reside in McKenzie. She is active in local community activities and organizations. She feels that working with seniors is a blessing and that she is a better person because of it.

Lisa Griffin
Office Manager

Lisa is the Office Manager for Lakeside Senior Living. She has worked at Lakeside since August 2009. Her background is in business. She and her family reside in McKenzie and are active in the local community. Lisa says she looks forward to many more years of working with Lakeside Residents and Families.

Cathie Kerr
Activities Director

Cathie is the Activities Director for Lakeside Senior Living. She has worked at Lakeside since July 2012. Her background was in the food industry in the areas of sales and marketing. Cathie resides in Dresden. She says she has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with seniors and feels that she learns from them every day.

Marilyn Bobo
Office & Activities Assistant

Marilyn is the Office and Activities Assistant at Lakeside Senior Living. Marilyn came to Lakeside following years in the banking industry. Originally she worked for Lakeside as the Activities Director; however following her 2nd retirement in 2012 she has returned on a part time basis to fill in on an as needed basis for the Office and Activities Departments. Marilyn and her husband reside in McKenzie. Marilyn says her passion is working with people.

Sherry Townes

Sherry is the Housekeeping Manager for Lakeside Senior Living. She has worked at Lakeside since 2010. Sherry and her husband, also live on the property and serve as the on-site night managers. She is a native of McKenzie. Sherry’s passion is working with the residents. She says that working at Lakeside is the best job she has ever had, and feels that God put her here for a reason. She hopes to be here for many more years working with each unique resident.

Sandra Hawkins
Resident Aide

Sandra is one of Lakeside’s Housekeeping and Resident Services workers. Sandra joined the Lakeside staff in 2011. She and her family reside in McKenzie. Sandra loves making the apartments of our residents as much like home as possible. Sandra is happiest when she is helping others and takes such pride in helping residents make Lakeside “home.”

Marilyn (Susie) Weaver
Resident Aide / Nights

Susie joined the Lakeside family in 2014. She comes to Lakeside with years of food services and management experience. Susie is one of those individuals that you might see in multiple departments; given her background and experience. Susie loves taking care of residents, making sure they are safe and well cared for.

Edith Tellez-Buruman
Weekend Night Manager

Edith is the Weekend Night Manager at Lakeside Senior Living. Edith joined the Lakeside family of workers in 2015. She lives with her family in McKenzie, where she is also enrolled at Bethel University. Edith started out as a volunteer worker while taking a class at Bethel, but found that her work at Lakeside was so meaningful she agreed to take on a more active role.

Roberta Taylor, CDM/CFPP
Dietary Manager

Roberta is the Dietary Manager for Lakeside Senior Living. She has been serving up delicious meals at Lakeside Senior Living for over 15 years. She is a resident of McKenzie, and is active in her church and community through their dance and praise ministry. Roberta is a Certified Dietary Manager /Certified Food Protection Professional via the Board for Dietary Managers

Tomiko Wharton-Porter
Dietary Cook

Tomiko is one of Lakeside’s Dietary Cooks. She has been with Lakeside since 2011. Tomiko and her family reside in Henry, TN. Tomiko is a dedicated and committed worker, who prides herself on the quality and attention she gives the food served to Lakeside residents and families. Tomiko is happiest when she is doing special things for others, like her famous “grill outs” for the residents.

Rita Trevathan
Dietary Cook

Rita is one of Lakeside’s Dietary Cooks. She has been with Lakeside since 2006. Rita comes from a family of great cooks and her mother serviced as a Lakeside cook for several years before retirement. Rita and her family reside in McKenzie. Rita says she loves working with seniors and is especially proud of her work at Lakeside.

Lushane Allen
Dietary Aide / Cook

Lushane is one of Lakeside’s Dietary staff. She has been with Lakeside since 2012 and is in the process of training to become a Dietary Cook. Lushane and her family reside in McKenzie, where she is active in the lives of her children. Lushane is a nurturer by nature and takes pride in caring for her residents.

Linda Huisman
Dietary Cook

Linda is the newest member of the Lakeside Dietary staff. She joined us in 2015 and brings many years of experience from the food industry. Linda and her family live in Gleason. Linda has a special affection for seniors and works well with all her residents and their families.

Gary Townes

Gary serves Lakeside in the role of part time Maintenance and also, on site Co-Resident Manager along with his wife Sherry. Gary brings years of commercial and industrial building experience. Gary is a quiet guy who has a knack for getting things fixed right.

Annette Nash

Annette is a well-known and respected Cosmetologist. She joined the Lakeside staff in 2012 and operates her beauty salon four days a week at Lakeside. Annette and her family are residents of McKenzie; where Annette operated her own beauty salon for many years. Annette says she loves her customers and loves being a part of the Lakeside family.